World's first prediction platform intergrated with advanced dex on a standalone blockchain
Fortuneum is a prediction platform and is functionally integrated as an Advanced Decentralized Exchanged with limit order, stop loss, and leverage trading. Besides, we are also building the project's own chain called Fortuneum Chain.

Key features and highlights

Prediction Markets: Fortuneum allows users to predict the cryptocurrency prices, commodity prices, stock index, or World Cup 2022 results. Those who guess correctly will receive the entire amount of prediction pool.
Advanced Decentralized Exchange: A Decentralized Perpetual Exchange with limit & stop loss order. Our proprietary smart-contract-based algorithm lets traders set automatic trading commands to efficiently utilize market opportunities. Limit & Stop Loss orders allow you to get your swaps at desired prices by leaving instructions to fill buy or sell orders at specific prices. The trade will only be executed if the token price reaches your limit price (or better). Users can also trade BTC, BNB, and other top cryptocurrencies with up to 30x leverage directly from their wallets.
Tokenized Stock: Fortuneum's expectation is to launch the stock market on DeFi, thereby closing the gap between traditional financial market and with crypto market. Cryptocurrency investors can also invest in the stock market and vice versa.
Fortuneum Chain: A separate blockchain with built-in free tools for developers, optimal development for NFT, DeFi, Metaverse for Fortuneum Ecosystem.
Last modified 6mo ago