Advanced DEX

Decentralized Perpetual Exchange
Advanced DEX

100% Decentralized Trading

FORTUNEUM is the first project featuring advanced trading features in a totally decentralized manner.
  • No KYC hassle seen on centralized exchanges, users stay anonymous, assets remain in traders' custody.
  • Advanced CEX-only features like Limit Order and Stop Loss were carefully thought from the ground up in order to function and scale.
  • Trustless Cross-Chain Migration: brings your crypto asset from any blockchain onto FORTUNEUM in a secure manner.

Advanced Decentralized Perpetual Exchange

FORTUNEUM builds on top of the widely successful AMM liquidity pool trading model and utilizes the unmatched performance of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to bring advanced features never seen on other DEXes.
  1. 1.
    Limit Order & Stop Loss: Our proprietary smart-contract-based algorithm lets traders set automatic trading commands to efficiently utilize market opportunities.
  2. 2.
    Margin Trading: Trade BTC, BNB and other top cryptocurrencies with up to 30x leverage directly from your wallet.