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    Is there any risk invest in FORTUNEUM Project and Token? In order to receive SAFU badge from Pinksale, we have to follow the SAFU rules: No team tokens for the first 30 days, smart contract is owned by SAFU developers from Pinksale's reference, LP is locked via Pinksale smart contract. So basically, there will be no risk about rug pull, hack or anything like that.
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    What is the $FORTUNE tokenomics and trading slippage? Details about tokenomics are written down on Tokenomics page. Buying & selling tax is 1%/1%.
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    How can Floor Price Fund support $FORTUNE? All the fund from Floor Price Fund will be used to buyback $FORTUNE at its support range and burned - hence, reducing the circulating supply of $FORTUNE and making the price bounce back.
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    Does the project has any CEX listing plan? Because of recent unforeseen events with top Centralized Exchange, we are reconsidering listing $FORTUNE on CEXs
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    Where does the project's team come from? The FORTUNEUM Team is made up of a highly respected group of programmers, marketing professionals, and gifted researchers. Our entire staff has at least 4 years of experience working in the cryptocurrency sector.
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    Marketing plan after launch? - Community events to attract new investors and create the buying pressure - Top callers joined. And support project after launch. - Twitter Influencers Marketing - CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Fast Track - Trending on Avedex, Dextools, DEXScreener - CEX Listing confirmation - Youtuber reviews. - Cover ads on all media. - AMA with Crypto communities.