Fortuneum Chain

Technical Information


Fortuneum Chain is a brand-new blockchain that was developed with the goal of giving $FORTUNE holders extra advantages. This blockchain utilizes a high-performance Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus method and is decentralized, scalable, and based on the EVM.
Fortuneum Chain aims to address problems with performance, scalability, and usability without sacrificing decentralization and while utilizing the developer community and ecosystem already in place. Fortuneum Chain is an EVM-based blockchain system that allows users to conduct transactions with microtransaction fees and offers dApps and user functionalities scalability and an improved user experience.
By trying to build everything on top of it, ecosystems like Ethereum or Solana eventually become overloaded with unrelated transactions that must be addressed by compromising security or authorization. These networks are complicated to update since every change could have a big impact on already-running applications. With Fortuneum Chain, we provide a platform-independent system that is also compatible with the EVM blockchain with Fortuneum Chain.

Application of PoS to Fortuneum Chain

Fortuneum Chain's high flux and decentralization eliminate the problems that come with using numerous PoW tokens, such as the low monthly transaction volume, public chain congestion, centralized mining, and high transaction costs. Fortuneum Chain's PoS algorithm ensures that a high level of decentralization will be maintained. Fortuneum Chain uses a set number of validators to enable the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which reduces fees and shortens block times. In PoS, validators who have staked the most tokens are eligible to become validators and create blocks. As a result of the usage of complex scenarios by tokens, security, decentralization, dependability, transparency, stability, and block finality are all achieved.